busy busy busy.


p.s. OBSESSED with AJ Rafael! check out his videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/ilajil


breath of fresh air.

taking a break from finals week…more updates next week!



p.s. check out the band “Gloriana”. song: “Wild at Heart”. AMAZINGLY FUN.
update: “Wild at Heart” is this week’s free download on itunes! go get it! 


p.s. again: i HATE walmart, but i secretly love their new commercials with “how lovely to be a woman” from bye bye  birdie playing in the background!

getting a life.

that’s what i’ve finally started to do. i’ve been in LA for five months now, but not until about 2 weeks ago did i finally get the nerve to GET A LIFE. so lately i have:

hiked to the hollywood sign.
gotten a JONAS shake at millions of milkshakes.
found a great little bohemian cafe with an A+ open mic night (unurban on pico).
bought tickets for gavin degraw’s show at the el ray in april.
 eaten free pancakes at the ihop on wilshire.
 driven to 3rd street promenade in santa monica and eaten at barney’s beanery.
                  (which included watching all the street performers).
went shopping at the beverly center. 
gone to hollywood and highland to see an opening day movie at the el capitan. 
 (and subsequently i saw the stars on hollywood boulevard,
grauman’s chinese theatre, and the kodak theatre).
ate at geisha house too.

in the next few weeks, i’m planning on: 

spending a day at the getty.
going to tito’s tacos and dinah’s diner.
MAKING IT all the way to the hollywood sign.
griffith park.
cruising venice beach.
daytripping it up to malibu.
getting cheap breakfast at ikea.
seeing WATCHMEN in imax.
going to TOPS in pasadena for a kickass pastrami burger.

awards season is bad for my study habits. the grammys and the oscars were both great this year- can’t wait for the tonys! brought my guitar up from san diego and i’m thoroughly enjoying that. just found out that i inherited a black prius…like miley cyrus…eww. switched my room up, a little feng shui. 

saw the jonas brothers 3D movie. it should have had subtitles, i couldn’t hear ANYTHING because of the screaming girls. i need to see watchmen, and i would really like to catch slumdog. i know, i’m a loser for not seeing it yet. need to look in to the obsession with michelle obama’s arms, finally saw a disturbing video interview with octomom, and feeling sad about the lost NFL players 😦

anyways, check out this very cool spread from glamour.com: http://www.glamour.com/magazine/2009/03/american-icons


henry bromell

“we all carry around so much pain in our hearts. love and pain and beauty. they all seem to go together like one little tidy confusing package. it’s a messy business, life. it’s hard to figure- full of surprises. some good. some bad.”

academy awards tonight!

my predictions:

actor in a leading role: sean penn (milk)
actor in a supporting role: heath ledger (the dark knight)
actress in a leading role: kate winslet (the reader)
actress in a supporting role: penelope cruz (vicky cristina barcelona)
animated feature film: wall-e
art direction: the dark knight or the curious case of benjamin button (can’t decide…)
cinematography: the curious case of benjamin button
costume design: the duchess
directing: slumdog millionaire
documentary feature: encounters at the end of the world
documentary short: the final inch
film editing: the dark knight
foreign language film: waltz with bashir
makeup: the curious case of benjamin button
music (score): wall-e
music (song): “jai ho” (slumdog millionaire)
best picture: slumdog millionaire
short film (animated): this way up
short film (live action): spielzeugland (toyland)
sound editing: the dark knight
visual effects: the curious case of benjamin button
writing (adapted screenplay): doubt
writing (original screenplay): milk 

we’ll see how it goes. i haven’t gotten to see as many movies as i would have liked to in the past few months. UCLA took over my LIFE.

i rented “nick and norah’s infinite playlist” this week…SO GOOD. kind of a mix of garden state, almost famous, elizabethtown, and juno. the plot involves these two kids who spend a night running around new york city in search of a secret show. a band called where’s fluffy? posts clues around the city leading to the venue. its kind of a soul searching mixed with love searching story. VERY good. probably one of my new favorites. 

last night i went to check out an all ages music venue called “the smell” in downtown LA. very…interesting. most of the acts were amateur-sounding (what do you expect from local bands?). but the last act, kid infinity, sounded promising. the venue was a little TOO grungy for my taste, but a good experience overall. tonight we’ll be checking out “chain reaction” in anaheim. hopefully the crowd’s a little bigger and more enthusiastic. have a great week!


school gets in the way of life. can you really say that if school IS your life? 
anyways…so MICHAEL PHELPS. poor guy. i feel bad for him. but CHRIS BROWN? not so much.

February is/ has been quite an exciting month. first off, the Grammys were amazing! the performances were awesome: jonas brothers and stevie wonder, paul mccartney, coldplay, justin timberlake and jennifer hudson (very moving), neil diamond, U2, and that BADASS tribute to the four tops. granted the awards themselves were disappointing. alison krauss and robert plant?! who?! i checked my ipod and alison krauss pops up only once…a cover song for some movie soundtrack. i would have liked to see a few more awards go to the pop/rock crowd rather than to the rappers and the country singers. 

i’m disappointed because i can’t find stevie wonder’s new song, “all about the love again” ANYWHERE for download. but it did make my day when i found a youtube video of the jonas brothers covering carole king’s “so far away”! those boys are taking over the world this month! promotions and interviews for their 3D movie are everywhere. and yes, sadly i do have tickets to see it opening night at the el capitan theatre in hollywood.

i just created a twitter account! seems like its going to be a lot of fun. also check out aj rafael on youtube…he’s going places. still haven’t gotten a chance to catch “slumdog millionaire”. i hear its a must-see. i did see “he’s just not that into you” on valentine’s day. cute, if you’re into that sappy stuff. 


went shopping at the beverly center yesterday. fun mall! and they have all 3 forever 21 brand stores! heritage 1981 is like abercrombie for the chill (vs. preppy) crowd, without the cologne you can smell from miles away. and for love 21 is like a candy store of accessories! everything is lined up in colorful little rows and on cute little carousels: bracelets, earrings, scarves, sunglasses, wallets, necklaces. can’t wait to go back!


MY NEW OBSESSION. Pepsi has had some AMAZING new concepts lately! By the way, the Superbowl game yesterday?! TOTALLY BOSS. I predicted the Steelers would take it, but I didn’t think it would be THAT close. Overall, a very good game.

should have posted this 2 weeks ago…

I was ecstatic when this popped up online a few weeks ago. People being people! Have you seen the frozen grand central one? CHECK IT OUT.

P.S. Just bought a refurbished 32GB ipod touch, 1st generation. And oh the frustration! I can’t find a case anywhere, since the 2nd gen came out a few months ago!

by the way…

In case anyone cares…this has been weighing on my mind lately. Jason Mraz’s hit single, “I’m Yours”. You know, the one on the Billboard Hot 100 list and one of the most downloaded songs of all time (according to wikipedia). Well if you were a Mraz fan 3 years ago, you would know that “I’m Yours” was actually released on a 2005 limited edition EP called Extra Credit. The song was just as loved back then by his faithful fans as it is today in 2009 (in its 40th week on the charts). POSERS. So here’s to the original “I’m Yours”…



She’s on a roll…


What’s her appeal? Who knew that country could be cool? When I was in elementary school I had this unexplainable obsession with Faith Hill’s “This Kiss”…I was ridiculed. So why Taylor Swift? Is it her mix of pop and country? Is it her cute blonde curls? How about her bashing of Joe Jonas? Whatever it is, WORK IT GIRL. Check out “Forever and Always” or “Love Story” from her new album, Fearless.

…And just in time for valentine’s day. Oh, Plain White T’s. Why do you always insist on making me feel ashamed about my singleness?! Ah well, try and endure the sappy stuff- this is a cleverly filmed video. LOVE the concept. I have a weak spot for black-and-white, as well as “real life” sequences. 

And while I’m on a youtube role, check out this recent pepsi commercial. The history major in me is totally digging it.